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Recent Global Worries about the Market, Covid, and the Economy

By Doug Gerlach on 10/18/2021

A look at recent events in China and the U.K. offer caution -- and perhaps optimism -- for U.S. investors.

Watch for These "Gotchas" When Reviewing Quarterly Reports

By Doug Gerlach on 10/7/2021

Changing consumer and business behavior as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold are now causing atypical comparisons to past periods.

These Two Pandemic Stocks Are Big Sells by Investment Clubs

By Doug Gerlach on 10/1/2021

The myICLUB top 40 for September 2021 has been released with the top buys, sells, and holds of investment clubs.

The Impact of Covid on the Economy and the Stock Market

By Doug Gerlach on 9/30/2021

September marked the end of stimulus payments and a frustrating increase in Covid cases in the U.S.

CEOs Report that Cost Inflation Is Up--Is Price Inflation Far Behind?

By Doug Gerlach on 9/23/2021

In 2021 no IAS can be complete without a study of recent inflation data. Here's our analysts' deep dive into the topic.

How to Balance Your Investment Club's Books Each Month

By Doug Gerlach on 9/22/2021

Here's the replay of Doug Gerlach's webinar on a key monthly task that club treasurers must do -- balance the investment club's books.

Residential Construction Stocks Make a Showing on the Roster of Quality

By Doug Gerlach on 9/12/2021

Homebuilding stocks have been performing well, and the current Roster of Quality includes a robust sampling of the best companies in the industry.

New Member Quick Start Guide for Released

By Doug Gerlach on 9/9/2021

We've created a new resource for new members who are joining your investment club.

The Data Is In, but Is the U.S. Economy Really Improving?

By Doug Gerlach on 9/8/2021

When reviewing economic indicators in 2021, it's critical to focus on the big picture and to make appropriate comparisons.