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We are collecting here all of the notes on Club Fundamentals, the basics of using myICLUB, specific step-by step instrctions for entering various transactions, and everything in-between.

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Hints and tips for using the FAQ system

Here are some suggestions we have that can help make sure you get to the answers you're looking for a little bit faster:

 Check the Categories: Take a look on the left hand side of the page, and you will see we're sorting notes by categories. Looking for help on mergers? Click Transaction, then the link for general merger information or the top row link for company-specific mergers.

Similarly, if you are using the Tax Printer, click there first, and then start searching. While notes will overlap, there's no reason to have skip through ones about reading the Valuation statement if you're trying to enter a reverse stock split or to pore over the specifics of how to delete a transaction if you're trying to upload something to file storage.

Popular, Latest and Sticky: Take a look near the bottom of this page for notes that have been voted on, added recently, or that we simply think are important enough to always have show up.

Primers: If the question you have is about a more invovled process, such as closing the club, take a look in the Primers and Tutorials section. In that section we post steps on issues that can take several steps and multiple different transactions to enter.

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