User & Quick Start Guides

Our team regularly produces helpful guides for subscribers. Download the following for detailed assistance with using User Guide (PDF) (NEW!)
New Club Treasurer Quick Start Guide (PDF)
New Club Member Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Linking to BI Online Tools Quick Start Guide (PDF) Club Tax Printers

2023 Club Tax Printer Quick Start Guide (PDF)
2023 Federal Club Tax Printer User Guide (PDF)
2023 State Club Tax Printer User Guide (PDF)


Other Investment Club Training Resources

This Powerpoint presentation is a basic tour of the suite of tools for investment club accounting and operations.

Learning Investment Club Accounting
This Powerpoint presentation presents one year of investment club accounting, from club setup through your first tax season, using the Club Accounting 3 software program.

Teaching Investment Club Accounting
For instructors using the above 'Learning Club Accounting' presentation, Dan Abraham offers these tips on how to teach the Club Accounting software.

Investment Club Accounting Concepts
Learn the concepts behind investment club accounting using the unit value system.

Don't Do That!
There are many "best practices" presentations on how to run your club. This presentation focuses on the worst practices. New and established groups should review this presentation to avoid mistakes made by other clubs!