15 Reasons Your Investment Club Should Switch to myICLUB.com

When you switch to myICLUB.com, your private club website includes tools for investment club accounting, as well as for many other club operations needs. Here are 15 features you won't find in nearly any other online or desktop software for investment clubs:

  1. With both automatic and manual online backups, your data is always stored securely in the cloud.
  2. It couldn't be easier to change treasurers -- just switch permissions to the new treasurer. You can even have an assistant or co-treasurer learning the ropes as you go. No need to install software or import/export data files.
  3. Automatically updated Portfolio Reports provide insight into the diversification of your club's holdings, by size, industry, sector, and even super sector.
  4. Federal partnership tax returns with the ICLUBcentral Club Tax Printer program can be e-Filed with the IRS, saving you money and time.
  5. Automatically-updated Stock Watcher Reports help you monitor your holdings and identify problems with stocks before they tank your portfolio.
  6. Online Voting tools provide a means to conduct votes in between meetings to take advantage of opportunities or deal with problems.
  7. The Member Withdrawal Scenario Calculator provides the best routes for fulfilling full and partial member withdrawals with the right mix of stocks and cash to benefit both the club and the member -- and so you avoid using the wrong withdrawal methods and pay extra taxes.
  8. With the ICLUBcentral Club Tax Printer, you can file returns with 14 different states that require partnership returns.
  9. Monthly webinars with investment club experts Doug Gerlach (president of ICLUBcentral and author of "Investment Clubs for Dummies") and Russell Malley educate your club treasurer and members on best practices for club operations and accounting.
  10. No upfront expense for software or additional charges for co-treasurers -- your annual subscription covers it all. And multi-year subscriptions allow you to lock in rates for extended periods.
  11. Message boards and email lists are integrated in your club website, helping members to communicate and automatically archiving those discussions for posterity.
  12. Your club's private file storage provides a source for storing important club documents, such as financial statements, stock studies, meeting minutes, and more.
  13. With more than 35 reports and graphs, all available in print and pre-formatted PDF files, you have access to more portfolio intelligence and accounting reports than any other club accounting tool.
  14. Integrated help on each page provides access to descriptions of terms and explanations of concepts throughout the entire website.
  15. Clubs that make charitable donations can gift shares of appreciated stock to qualifying non-profit organizations, gaining a tax deduction that passes through to members. myICLUB.com is the only online tool that supports charitable donations of securities.

  16. Isn't it time your club switched to myICLUB.com? Switch to myICLUB.com today!