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Top Sectors Bought by Investment Club in November 2021

By Doug Gerlach on 12/1/2021

Stocks from all 11 sectors were among the top 100 stocks bought in the month.

Jobs, Inflation, and Other Worries for Investors

By Doug Gerlach on 11/15/2021

Debate in Washington is presently being affected by economic recovery that looks a little fragile.

Is That News or Just Noise?

By Doug Gerlach on 11/8/2021

While news comes in many varieties, noise is any data that isn’t relevant to your personal investing approach.

Top Midsized Companies Held by Investment Clubs in October 2021

By Doug Gerlach on 11/2/2021

Midsized companies often present great opportunities for investing in strong businesses with good growth prospects.

Is the Faltering Stock Market a Reason to Worry?

By Doug Gerlach on 11/1/2021

The current environment of rising interest rates, political arguments, and overseas financial stresses is apparently reason enough for some investors to hesitate.

Learn How to Use BrokerSync

By Doug Gerlach on 10/23/2021

In the ICLUBcentral Investment Club webinar for October 2021, Sean Pulrang reviewed BrokerSync™,'s tool for importing brokerage transactions.

Recent Global Worries about the Market, Covid, and the Economy

By Doug Gerlach on 10/18/2021

A look at recent events in China and the U.K. offer caution—and perhaps optimism—for U.S. investors.

Watch for These "Gotchas" When Reviewing Quarterly Reports

By Doug Gerlach on 10/7/2021

Changing consumer and business behavior as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold are now causing atypical comparisons to past periods.

These Two Pandemic Stocks Are Big Sells by Investment Clubs

By Doug Gerlach on 10/1/2021

The myICLUB top 40 for September 2021 has been released with the top buys, sells, and holds of investment clubs.