Online Meeting Tools for Investment Clubs


Keep your club going during this era of social distancing by using online meeting programs.

As counter-measures for the COVID-19 coronavirus are put into place across the country, your regularly-scheduled investment club meeting may need to be cancelled or postponed. But don’t put off your meeting for too long given the market’s current conditions—all of your members can likely benefit from the chance to talk about the stock market, share information, and reach a consensus about the club’s objectives for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Fortunately, holding your club meeting online has never been easier or less expensive. There are a number of tools available for setting up and holding a meeting that you can consider. Most are created for use by small or even large businesses, and many offer free or low-cost options that can work quite well for holding a club meeting.

Explore the list below to find the meeting tools that work for your club’s budget and size. Some options only allow for use with computer audio (that is, they provide no access for reaching the meeting by telephone). Others may limit video conferencing (the ability to see other attendees via their webcams), screen sharing (such as the ability to show the club’s Valuation Statement on or a member’s Stock Selection Guide on the BetterInvesting website), recording (which can facilitate the preparation of meeting minutes), or file sharing.

Demand for online meetings is presently very high, and some meeting providers may have trouble keeping up. It’s a good idea to have a second online meeting provider ready as a backup.

Webex (

Webex from Cisco may be the most feature-rich free online meeting tool available. The Webex free personal plan supports meetings of up to 100 attendees, video conferencing, screen sharing, and call-in telephone audio. The Webex program or mobile app must be used to conduct and attend the meeting, and it supports chat, file sharing, and recording of meetings.

TeamViewer (

TeamViewer is primarily a remote computer management program, but it has a robust online meeting function as well. Free for personal use, TeamViewer’s meetings support screen sharing, whiteboards, video conferencing, and file sharing, and a voice over IP option provides computer audio. Meetings can be scheduled in advance. (

While best known for its telephone conference call service, also offers a free video conferencing and screen sharing service. The downloadable program or mobile app supports meetings of up to 1,000 participants and with no pre-set time limitations, as well as the ability to switch presenters and record meetings. Integrated computer audio is supported as well as telephone audio.

If a simple phone meeting will suffice (with video or computer screen sharing), then’s telephone conference service may be an option to consider. The website has simple instructions for initiating a conference call, which only require creating a unique PIN. Calls do not have to be scheduled in advance on the website. Please note that we have found some difficulties with folks being able to connect with calls using this service.

Skype (

Internet telephony provider Skype offers free video meetings that require no signups or downloads. Visit the website and click the link to create a free meeting, then share the meeting link with attendees. All participants will need to have a Skype account and application installed. Features include screen sharing and video conferencing, and the ability to record meetings.

Zoom (

Zoom is a popular tool for conducting online business meetings, with support for video conferencing and screen sharing. The Zoom Basic plan is free for personal use with a single host, and allows up to 100 participants in a single meeting. However, there is a 40 minute limit on group meetings and participants must use the audio on their personal computer or mobile device (Zoom is not currently allowing the use of telephone audio for their Basic plan). Participants download an app from the Zoom website or mobile app store in order to attend a Zoom meeting.

GoToMeeting (

Many BetterInvesting members and volunteers and ICLUBcentral customers are familiar with the GoToWebinar application used by both organizations to conduct regular educational and training webinars. The GoToMeeting program, while not free, costs just $12 a month for an annual subscription and allows up to 150 participants (and 1 organizer) to meet in an online platform with no time limits. GoToMeeting supports video conferencing, screen sharing, and file sharing. To listen or speak, attendees and organizers can use computer or telephone audio. A small program or app must be downloaded in order to participate in a meeting.