New Unit Value Graph in


We've added a new graph to the Reports section of your investment club website.

The new Club Unit Value graph at is pretty straightforward -- it plots the unit value of each Valuation Statement for the investment club's entire history or for selected dates. With this graph, you can see how the price of one share in your investment club has (hopefully) grown over time.

Each member's individal performance in the club will be different and may not be represented by the change in unit price of the overall club. Clubs that started before the early 2000s and who used the now-outdated method of distributing and reinvesting units at year-end should note that the graph of unit values will not be relevant for periods in which the redistribution method was in use (since the unit price was adjusted at year-end as the cash from distributed units was reinvested).

You can find the Club Unit Value graph in the Graphs section of the left-hand navigation menu after you log in to your club's website, or in the Graphs section on the Reports page.