Free eBook: myICLUB User Tips Volume 2


The second volume of our User Tips is now available.

In the 30+ years since our first investment club accounting program was developed, ICLUBcentral has strived to make continuous improvements to the software and its current implementation as We’ve added features, streamlined transaction entries, enhanced functionality, and turbocharged reports. In fact, we’re constantly doing so much work to improve the user experience that many investment club treasurers and members have trouble keeping up with all the improvements!

That’s why we’ve collected more tips that show what makes so great into this booklet, Volume 2 of myICLUB Bonus Tips. Even with Volume 1, the collection of tips and recommendations included in this eBook only touch the surface of all that has to offer.

Download your free copy from your website in the File Storage area, in the Free Resources from folder. Log in to today.