Blog Releases BrokerSync for Interactive Brokers


Following the transfer of Folio Investing accounts to Interactive Brokers, we are pleased to announce that our BrokerSync technology now supports this brokerage.

If your club is now a customer of Interactive Brokers LLC, we invite your treasurer to try the new BrokerSync link to your brokerage account. After logging in to your account, treasurers will find BrokerSync in the Accounting > Utilities section.

Important Notes

  1. BrokerSync for Interactive Brokers is still considered to be in beta testing mode, which means that it may not work for every club or transaction and is subject to revision. You should follow the prompts to back up your data before using it for the first time,

  2. Before you will be able to import account data into using BrokerSync, you must generate an access token on the Interactive Brokers website after logging in there. Complete instructions for completing this task are available in the BrokerSync page on the website.

Reminder: Folio Investing ceased operations in December 2020, and accounts were transferred to Interactive Brokers. See this dedicated page on the Interactive Brokers' website for Folio clients for more information.

Thank you for your patronage, and best wishes for continued success with your investment club.