Link Your SSGs to Your Club Portfolio

4/8/2021 has released a useful portfolio management feature for investment clubs.

Investment club members now have a way of monitoring fundamental changes in their stock portfolios using BetterInvesting's SSG Plus stock analysis tool. This new feature in allows clubs to designate a StockWatcher for each stock that the club owns.

StockWatchers then complete SSG stock studies in SSG Plus on the BetterInvesting website, and the results of those stock studies are automatically imported into the Portfolio and StockWatcher Reports.

Each month, as StockWatchers update their SSGs in SSG Plus, the Portfolio Reports are then updated with the new details.

In the past, the Portfolio Reports used default judgment to calculate expected growth rates and estimated future high and low P/E ratios and prices. These often differed from the club's own projections. Now, as long as members are current with their SSG Plus Stock Studies the club's Portfolio Reports will be current.

A Quick Start Guide for this new feature is available in each investment club's File Storage area on the website. This PDF contains instructions for club administrators to assign StockWatchers for each stock, and how StockWatchers link their club account to their BetterInvesting account. It also includes answers to frequently asked questions about this new feature. is the world's most popular tool for investment club accounting and operations. Sign up for a free trial to see for yourself why thousands of investment clubs choose to manage their club's books and operations.