Updated Online Voting Feature


We've made an improvement to the online voting tool at based on user feedback.

The Voting module at allows investment club members to create and tabulate motions about club business. This is useful for conducting votes in between regularly-scheduled meetings as well as for holding votes during online meetings.

Among the many features of the ballot system when it was first introduced was an option to close votes as soon as a majority was reached. This was intended to allow for a quick decision, such as might be the case for a buy or sell decision in response to fast-changing market conditions. However, some clubs objected to this approach since it would prohibit some members from voting on a motion (if they attempted to vote after a majority was reached), even if their vote would not affect the results.

As a result, we have adjusted the voting system to allow for ballots to remain open until all members have voted.

Now, the officer who creates a ballot sets the End Date of the voting on that motion, and then selects one of two options:

  1. Close voting sooner if all members have voted.
  2. Close voting sooner if majority is reached.

For motions where quick decisions are desired, option #2 can be selected. For motions that are not urgent, option #1 should be selected. In cases where a majority is not reached or not all members have voted, then the motion ends on the End Date (and does not pass).

The Voting tool at is unique, and just another of the many features that are only available to investment clubs. is the world's most popular tool for investment club accounting and operations. Sign up for a free trial to see for yourself why thousands of investment clubs choose to manage their club's books and operations.