Make the Switch from Club Accounting 3 to


ICLUBcentral's Club Accounting 3 for Windows program has been discontinued, and clubs are encouraged to migrate to

WIth the discontinuation of Club Accounting 3, investment clubs are encouraged to move their investment club accounting to our website. Clubs that make the move before September 30, 2021, can utilize the Concierge Service to help with the transfer.

To help investment club treasurers and members in making the switch to, the staff of ICLUBcentral broadcast a webinar entitled "Switch to" on July 27, 2021. In this program, Doug Gerlach and his team presented an overview of and just a few of its features, instructions for importing the club's data to the platform, and options for getting help and learning more about the tool. The replay is available for viewing on demand on ICLUBcentral's YouTube channel.

Watch on the ICLUBcentral channel on YouTube. A PDF handout of the slides are available in the video description. is the world's most popular tool for investment club accounting and operations. Sign up for a free trial to see for yourself why thousands of investment clubs choose to manage their club's books and operations.