Recent Global Worries about the Market, Covid, and the Economy


A look at recent events in China and the U.K. offer caution—and perhaps optimism—for U.S. investors.

While our domestic economy in the U.S. is growing a little slower than desired, China may face a major challenge.

Bankruptcy reportedly looms for Evergrande Group, a Chinese real estate developer with $300 billion of published liabilities. It is hard to imagine that Evergrande could default without causing major follow-on problems for its various creditors. Will they all take payment in unsold property?

This is a rapidly evolving situation but one that we cannot let pass without comment. Expect more fireworks to come from the Evergrande case.

Life is getting back to normal across the pond. The United Kingdom has been a world leader in achieving vaccine access and popular acceptance. The data we have seen argues that serious outcomes are very rare for vaccinated persons, and the UK’s numbers agree.

A recent resurgence in cases has been accompanied by a much lower fatality rate compared to the United States. The UK’s health minister recently proclaimed that no more lockdowns are expected for this wave or future waves

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