Learn How to Use BrokerSync


In the ICLUBcentral Investment Club webinar for October 2021, Sean Pulrang reviewed BrokerSync™,'s tool for importing brokerage transactions.

Importing transactions from your investment club's brokerage account directly into your club's books is a great way to simplify data entry and assure accuracy.

In this presentation, Sean Pulrang, Senior Support Specialist for ICLUBcentral, Inc., demonstrates how investment clubs can use BrokerSync™ to download transactions from their brokerage firms directly into their records

Sean covers the basics of setting up BrokerSync for each supported brokerage firm, and also provides tips for troubleshooting and fixing problems when things go wrong.

This webinar was broadcast live on October 19, 2021. A PDF handout of the slides are available in the video description on YouTube.

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