Exclude Cash from Portfolio Charts


A new update provides greater clarity to the diversification reports.

Investment club members love the portfolio diversification reports and especially the colorful graphs and charts that provide insight into the current composition of the club's portfolio. By reviewing these reports and graphs, members can easily see how well the club is meeting its diversification targets by size of company, EPS growth rate, super-sector, sector, or industry group.

But a club's cash position can make the percentages on these reports somewhat more difficult to interpret. Some clubs like to maintain a small cash position as a buffer to aid in member payments, while other clubs may have cash balances for which they are working to find suitable investments. The percentage of cash on these reports and charts in can distort the percentages of the stock holdings/

Our latest update to allows members to exclude cash from the Company Size Diversification Report and Graph, Sector & Industry Diversification Report and Graph, and the Portfolio Heatmap. At the top of each of these report and graph pages is a checkbox which removes the cash holdings and recalculates the percentages for the remaining stock positions. Now it becomes instantly obvious that new purchases should be ideally directed at small companies or defensive stocks, for example.

If your club's cash position is small, the default display of the percentage of cash holdings on these reports and graphs will likely work just fine. But do look for the checkbox at the top of the page the next time you review these graphs and reports.

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