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Looking to Increase Your Portfolio’s Dividends?


The new StockCentral Dividend Center features a selection of tools to help investors identify opportunities in dividend-paying stocks.

Our StockCentral website has just added a Dividend Center with a full complement of robust historical data and interactive tools designed to help fundamental investors identify dividend-paying stocks for their portfolios

Among the features of the Dividend Center are a Calendar of recent and upcoming dividend payments, a list of companies that have recently increased their dividends, and an easy-to-use Stock Screener focused on dividend metrics.

In addition, you’ll find the StockCentral Roster of Dividend Achievers, a list of those companies that have increased their dividend every year in the past 10. These are the kinds of companies that serve as the cornerstone of a long-term-based stock portfolio.

To aid with interpreting the rich data included in the StockCentral Dividend Center, you can drill down through high-yielding industry groups to find and rank companies with optimal yields and/or payout ratios, or browse the most popular dividend paying stocks owned by investment clubs.
The Dividend Center is included with a subscription to StockCentral, our platform for stock research, data, and analysis featuring ten years of historical data on all publicly-traded North American companies. Sign up for a free trial today and start investigating the best dividend ideas for your stock portfolio.

StockCentral is part of the award-winning ICLUBcentral family of tools for investors. Reminder: Subscribers to ICLUBcentral’s other tools for individual investors can add StockCentral to their Ultra Bundle and save on multi-year and multi-product subscriptions. The more years and the more subscriptions you add to your bundle, the more your saving grow!