Understanding Risk & Return in Your Investment Club's Portfolio


Do your club members know how to measure the returns of your club's portfolio?

In our July 19, 2022 Investment Club webinar, Doug Gerlach of ICLUBcentral delivered a presentation on "Understanding Risk & Return in Your Investment Club" using

There is always risk when investing in stocks, and understanding that risk is key to developing a successful stock portfolio. Unfortunately, many investors don't have a firm understanding of what "risk" actually means in the context of long-term investing.

In this session of ICLUBcentral's monthly Investment Club Webinars, Doug provides an educational overview of the different types of risk that investors may face in the market, what they can (and can't) do to reduce or mitigate that risk. Doug also demonstrates the Performance and Benchmark Report available on, and explains how to interpret the results for an investment club portfolio.

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