Top Small-Cap Stocks for 2023 - A Special Report


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As the dust settles on a scrappy 2022, we can take some solace in the fact that the S&P SmallCap 600 fared slightly better in the year than did the S&P 500. But there are plenty of signs of hope for the coming year.

Typically, small-caps lead the way out of bear markets, and the catalysts supporting stock market recovery in 2022, though not significant enough to support return to a full-blown bull market, were ample enough to test the market’s conviction to resume its long-term upward trajectory in 2023. Our shortlist of stocks that made the grade in this year's Top Small-Cap Stocks for 2023 is made up of the kinds of companies that will lead the charge into the next bull market.

All of these stocks are included in our current SmallCap Informer newsletter coverage list, winnowed down to find companies that have:

  1. A history of strong and steady growth of EPS and revenues, and tailwinds that will drive future growth.
  2. Stable or growing profit margins that are robust when compared to peers and industry averages.
  3. Reasonable P/E ratios relative to their histories, expected future growth, and industry trends.

Very few companies are able to pass this 1-2-3 checklist, and so the stocks in this Special Report are an uncommon lot.

As always, conduct your own research before investing to determine the suitability of any recommended stock for your personal portfolio objectives, personal preferences, and risk tolerances.


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