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New Technical Indicators Report on StockCentral


Users of our StockCentral portfolio recordkeeping tool have a new report.

While StockCentral is focused on providing fundamental investors with tools and research to help them build and manage their stock portfolios, the website also includes tools for technical analysis. Besides the technical charting feature and the automated technical trend indicators in the company reports, a new report has been added to the Portfolio tools on the site offering a summary of the most popular technical indicators for the holdings in one or more portfolios.

The new Technical Indicators Report includes the current status of the relative strength index (RSI) and money flow indicator (MFI) for every stock in a portfolio. It also includes the trend of the 50- and 200-day moving averages, including how long it has been since the price crossed over one of the averages and the present state of those indicators.

Updated nightly, the Technical Indicators Report is another tool for investors that can help illuminate why a stock might be performing well or poorly when compared to its fundamentals, or can be used to provide an extra edge when making portfolio buy/sell/hold decisions.

Access the Technical Indicators in the Advanced Reports section of the Portfolio module on the StockCentral website.

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