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Maintaining a stock watch list has never been easier than with our most recent update

In too many investment clubs, members' research goes to waste because stocks that are presented to the club but are not presently in the buy zone are discarded.

Later, the club wonders why they can't find any stocks to buy, completely forgetting about the past ideas that had been presented to the club -- even though many of those stocks saw their prices dip into attractive buy ranges after first being discovered!

This is why it's so important to have a solid Watch List tool at club members' fingertips. The newly-enhanced Watch List makes it even easier for clubs to keep track of their best ideas and be ready to buy when the signs are right, for both new investments and for replacements for weakened holdings.

The Watch List now allows members to link their stock ideas to a Stock Selection Guide® (SSG) prepared using BetterInvesting™'s Online Tools. As members update the data and judgment of their SSGs on the BetterInvesting website, the fundamentals, including current buy prices, are updated on the club's Watch List, making it easy to monitor the list and spot the best current opportunities.

The new Watch List features two views: Fundamentals, showing key growth and value metrics, and Diversification, showing sector and company size details. Click any company to see a price chart of its performance since it was added to the Watch List, and more research about the company is just a click away on Prices are updated every night so members can see the stocks that are on the move.

In conjunction with this release, there is a new permission setting in the People page of We have created a new member permission so that a member can be given rights to "Edit Watch List and StockWatcher assignments."

When checked, a member who can "Edit Watch List and StockWatcher assignments" can, in addition to managing StockWatcher Assignments:

  • Clear the Watch List.
  • Change the date of any stock on the Watch List.
  • Reassign the stock on the Watch List to another member.

This new permission is in the "Manage Voting, StockWatchers, and Watch List" section of every member's Member Profile and has been separated from the voting management permissions. This supports clubs that have members who serve in a role as "portfolio manager;" the club can now easily assign management rights to that member for both the StockWatchers and the club's Watch List.

Have your club give it a try today! Adding a stock is as easy as entering a valid ticker symbol. is the world's most popular tool for investment club accounting and operations. Sign up for a free trial to see for yourself why thousands of investment clubs choose to manage their club's books and operations.

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