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New Features in the SmallCap Informer Newsletter


Subscribers can benefit from two new additions to the monthly newsletter

In the August 2023 issue of the SmallCap Informer, we introduce two new sections to our monthly newsletter.

The “On Probation” list includes stocks that are mathematically in the buy zone on the Stock Selection Guide, but for which there is adequate cause to be hesitant about accumulating shares.

Typically, companies in this section are facing uncharacteristic fundamental challenges. Their assignment to the probation list is meant to remind subscribers that coming quarterly reports will hopefully bring more clarity about their operations as well as the intelligence that will shed light on whether the stock is a “buy” or a “sell.”

Our second new feature is a short list of currently-covered stocks that we have identified as “Best for New Money.” These are often recently-profiled stocks that are resoundingly well-valued but may easily get lost in the excitement around new recommendations in subsequent issues. Others are those “boring” companies that don’t make big headlines but do churn out consistent profits and remain unnoticed by Wall Street.

As it can take several months for company fundamentals to work through and show up in meaningful capital appreciation, subscribers might consider deploying new capital to some of the ideas on the “Best for New Money” list while they dawdle in the buy zone.

We regularly seek out ways to improve the SmallCap Informer, so please feel free to share your comments and suggestions!

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