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What's Up with the U.S. Economy in 2023?


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At our Mid-Year SmallCap Informer Subscribers' Webinar in July 2023, editor-in-chief Doug Gerlach reviewed the state of the U.S. economy as it stood in the middle of 2023.

Despite fears about a recession that have been pervasive in 2023, almost all of the companies profiled in the SmallCap Informer in the first half of the year had shown impressive gains!

How can this be the case? In our view, many investors have begun to realize that the warning calls about a massive economic slowdown have been largely overblown. In addition, our stock selection process has helped us to find opportunities in chaos, and turn a down year into profitability.

View the webinar video clip on YouTube (9 minutes).

October 2023 Update

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