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IAS Track Record Shines with CAGR Above 100% YTD

By Doug Gerlach on 8/2/2021

For the various periods ending July 31, 2021, the Investor Advisory Service stock newsletter has outperformed the market yet again.

Join or Start an Investment Club For Fun and Profit

By Doug Gerlach on 8/2/2021

ICLUBcentral's Doug Gerlach recently spoke with the BottomLine Personal newsletter about investment clubs.

10 Stocks Investment Clubs Are Buying Right Now

By Doug Gerlach on 8/1/2021

The myICLUB top 40 for July 2021 has been released, listing the top buys, sells, and holds of investment clubs.

Earnings Were Good, So Why Did the Price Go Down?

By Doug Gerlach on 7/30/2021

Every investor eventually encounters a situation where a stock’s price does not react as expected when a company announces quarterly earnings. Why does this happen?

Make the Switch from Club Accounting 3 to

By Doug Gerlach on 7/28/2021

ICLUBcentral's Club Accounting 3 for Windows program has been discontinued, and clubs are encouraged to migrate to

Overview of the 40+ Reports & Graphs on

By Doug Gerlach on 7/21/2021

Here's the replay of Doug Gerlach's webinar on the multitude of reports and full-color graphs available only on

Are Bonds Too Risky for Investors? What Is the Alternative?

By Doug Gerlach on 7/20/2021

Economic recovery continues, but inflation is a concern. But focusing on the data and not the rhetoric offers insight.

Top 20 Stocks Purchased by Clubs in June 2021

By Doug Gerlach on 7/1/2021

Did your investment club buy any of the 20 most popular stocks in the myICLUB Top 40 last month? Or is your club looking for new ideas for its portfolio?

An Improving Economy Creates Opportunities for Investors

By Doug Gerlach on 6/30/2021

The economy continues to improve, helped by the rollout of vaccines as well as fiscal and monetary support. How can investors benefit?

The Bull Case for Small-Caps in the Second Half of 2021

By Doug Gerlach on 6/24/2021

While it’s impossible to predict for certain what the second half of 2021 will bring for stocks, conditions are ripe for continued capital appreciation for small-caps.

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