Sample Letter to Prospective Members

Want to ask your friends to join but don't know how? This non-invasive letter will put a fun spin on starting an investment club.


For the following Prospective Investment Club Members:


To our Family and Friends:

We are in the process of starting an Investment Club. Yes, that's right. The great thing is that we would like each of you to be the founding members.

You may be thinking right now that you know nothing about stocks or investing, so you can't join. That's the beautiful thing about this investment club. We are all relative novices at investing, so we can all learn together in an Investment Club.

But you don't have enough money. No problem there either. At our first meeting we will decide on monthly payments, but they will be no more than $25 per person per month. That is about average for an investment club.

But you don't have the time? We will have one meeting per month that will last about 1' to 2 hours. Not bad, huh? You will be expected on occasion to do some stock research. We will all learn how. That may take a couple hours at first, then about a ' hour when you know what you are doing.

All the rest of the details we can figure out later. We both want this to be a fun activity where we can all learn together, and, make some money in the stock market without much risk involved.

The Introductory Meeting will be DATE AND TIME at our ADDRESS. Please RSVP either of us at PHONE in the evening whether you can make it or not. Even if you think you are not interested, please come. You may be persuaded. If you want to join but cannot make the meeting for other reasons, we will get you the minutes from the meeting. Hopefully at least one person from every couple can make it, but I would like everyone to make it if possible. NO MONEY WILL BE NEEDED AT THE FIRST MEETING.

Looking forward to hearing from you, this will be fun!