Sample Investment Club Meeting Minutes and Agenda

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Here’s a sample of the agenda your club might follow at its monthly meetings, followed by an example of your club’s monthly minutes:

(Name of Club) Investment Club

Meeting Agenda – 10/08/07

  1. Call to Order
  2. Acceptance of minutes from 9/17/07 Meeting
  3. Treasurer’s Report

    Collect monthly contribution and distribute the club valuation statement

  1. Old Business

    Discussion of Addition of New Members
  2. New Business

    Discussion of possibility of Leave of Absence
    Creation of New Stock Study Principles
  3. Economic Report
  4. Educational Segment – Market Capitalization
    Discussion about small cap stocks, industries
  5. Industry Report – Computer Software
  6. Stock Report – Amgen
  7. Portfolio Update
  8. Buy/Sell Decisions
  9. Assign Items for next month’s meeting:

    A. Industry to be presented: Retail
    B. Economic Report
    C. Educational Topic
    D. Time and place of next meeting?
  10. Adjournment

    Note: If you are giving presentations, please make enough copies for everyone.

Sample Investment Club Meeting Minutes

(Name of Club) Investment Club - Minutes

August 20, 2007

I. Present: List members present

II. Call to order at 7:06 p.m.

III. Minutes from 7/16/07 accepted with no changes

IV. Treasurer's Report

Treasurer passed out reports. Treasurer collected $___ from the members.

V. Old business

  1. Copies of updated stock list passed out to each member.
  2. Agreed to wait until after speaker to conclude new member discussion. The club continues to agree that each member will ask one person to join and that the prospective member will need to attend two consecutive meetings and present a stock.
  3. After checking on Abbott labs, they do not meet the club’s goal of 20 percent growth per year.

VI. New business

  1. Changes to stock study worksheet were discussed. We agreed to add more to the reasons to purchase stock and expand this section. Agreed to continue discussion next meeting and keep fine-tuning stock study worksheet.

VII. Economic Report

  1. A very thorough and well-rounded report was given stating that the economy is good and that the market began to level last week. This may be due to the fact that the Fed is meeting again regarding interest rates. There probably will not be a change as evidenced by new home construction being down and future permits being down. Energy prices are expected to increase due to oil prices going up due to long hot summers in parts of the country (unfortunately not here).

VIII. No educational segment this month although sheet on beta passed out by our fearless leader.

IX. Industry report

  1. Joe did a comparably thorough and concise job reviewing the energy industry. Much revolved around fuel cells. See handout.

X. Stock report: None.

XI. Portfolio Updates

  1. CISCO: Down about ½ point since club’s purchase.
  2. Intuit: Upgraded twice from 38 to 47. Considered a strong buy and a #1 pick by a number of analysts / brokers.
  3. Wal-Mart: Closed at 50.50.
  4. Pfizer: Went down about 5 points. Stopped work on a cancer drug and found that Viagra may help with diabetes.

XII. Buy/sell decisions – none this month.

Next month’s meeting:

  1. Economic Report
  2. Educational Topic – Speaker
  3. Next meeting in Coral Rock party room December 17, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.