The main Preferences page

This page shows preference settings primarily for an individual member. All members will have a similar Preferences page, but some preferences will only be available to members with specific permissions.

The Preferences available from this page are:

  • Change my password - allows you to change your current password
  • Change username - allows you to change your current username
  • Edit personal information and bio - allows you to edit your name, address and other information.
  • Upload picture of myself - allows you to upload a small personal picture viewable to yourself and other members.
  • View my profile - allows you to see your profile as other members would view it on the site.
  • Change my security question and answer - allows you to change your security question and answer, used if you need to reset your password through our automated system.
  • Rename club - allows you to edit the name of your club as it appears on reports and tax forms.
  • Resign from a club - allows you to resign from your club. This is not a withdrawal; it only removes your ability to access the club records.
  • Change email settings - allows you to select if you wish to receive emails from the message boards.
  •  Change authentication settings - allows you to set up 2-factor authentication, for extra security when signing in to myICLUB.
  • Link/Unlink BI account - Set up or cancel the link between a BetterInvesting account and myICLUB. The BI link allows you to specify stock studies from your BetterInvesting stock study library, to use in portfolio reports.