Member Status Report

The Member status report summarizes each member's participation in the club between the specified dates.

It is divided into two primary sections:

  • Options -- Allows you to choose from a list of existing saved valuations, set report dates, and elect to choose if the report will show Compound Annual Return or not
  • Member Information -- Shows member information regarding payments, value, and club ownership.

The member status report should be printed and distributed to every club member at each meeting.

Member Status Report Options

Above the options for adjusting dates are three buttons:

  • Printer: Clicking this creates a copy of the report that strips out most of the top and side-bar graphics, allowing you to print a copy of the report with just the club information.
  • PDF: This takes a copy of the Printer version of the report, and puts it in to a PDF file, that can be saved on your computer, or emailed to members.
  • Email: This creates an email, which is sent to club members, with a link to the report. NOTE: This does not send members a copy of the report; they still need to sign in to the site, to view the report.

  • Choose from your club's official valuaiton dates – Choose this option and select the valuation date from a drop down list of valuation dates. Click the “create a new valuation” link to create and save a new valuation date.
  • Show member contributions since – The report will summarize member contributions from the date entered here.
  • View the member status for a custom date – Choose this option to create a report for a custom date. Keep in mind that using this option will not save a new member status report; do not use a custom dated member status to calculate a member withdrawal amount.
  • Start return calculation from - Enter the date that Club Accounting Online will use as the start date for the return calculations. The default date is the first member transaction date.
  • Include the compound annual return in the member status report – check the box to include CAR in the report
  • Click “Submit” to display the report.

Member Status Report Description

The Member status report is a table that summarizes each member’s ownership in the club.

  • Name – The member’s name (listed in alphabetical order by last name). Only members who own units on the report date appear in the list.
  • Paid in since mm/dd/yy - The amount paid in by the member since the date specified in the “show member contributions since” box. The figure shown here will be the total of any money paid in by member deposits or member fee payments, or taken out by a member as a withdrawal.
  • Total paid in – The member’s total payments and fees, minus any withdrawals from the date of the first payment or fee to the report date. Any “Beginning Balance-Investment” is included. If a member withdraws more than the amount they paid into the club the amount in this column will be negative.
  • Paid in plus earnings (Cost Basis) – The total paid in to date, plus (or minus) any gains or losses shown on the distributions of earnings. Any “Beginning Balance-Investment” is included. This figure is the member’s tax-paid basis in the club. If a member withdraws more than his tax basis, this value may be negative or zero.
  • Units since mm/dd/yy – The number of units purchased since the date specified in the “show member contributions since” box. This column does not include amounts paid on the displayed date. Units may be negative if the member has withdrawn more value than his payments during the specified time.
  • Total units – The total number of units owned by the member as of the report date.
  • Market value – The value of the units owned on the report date. Club Accounting Online uses the most recent securities valuation date to determine the value of each unit. That unit value multiplied by the number of units owned is the market value.
  • Percent ownership – The member's units divided by the total of all units owned by all members, expressed as a percentage.
  • CAR since mm/dd/yy – The member’s Compound Annual Return for their investment in the club, since the date specified in the “Start return calculation from” box.

The report includes totals of the numerical columns. The total in the CAR column is the average CAR for a member since the date specified.