Member Units Ledger

Member Unit Ledger

The Member Unit Ledger lists all member transactions between specified dates. The report also shows the starting balances for the club members as of the report’s starting date.

Use this report to reconcile member records, or to provide a member with his or her personal record.

Member Unit Ledger Report Options

You can specify the starting and ending date for the report, and you can specify the members whose transactions are included in the report. The options are available at the bottom of the report page in a box labeled “Show ledger entries.”

Enter the starting and ending dates for the report in the “from” and “to” boxes.

Use the drop down list to select the members included in the report. The default is “All Members.” By clicking on the drop down list, you can select the members. Choices include “All Members,” “Current Members,” and “Former Members.” You can also select an individual member of the club. An asterisk identifies Inactive members.

Click “Submit” to generate the report with the new selections.Member Unit Ledger.JPG


Member Unit Ledger Report Description

  • Date – date of the transaction

  • Transaction – type of transaction. Click on the entry to view or edit the transaction.

  • Unit Value - Shows the unit value that was used to calculate how many units were added or subtracted for deposits, withdrawals and expenses.

  • Paid in this date – amount of the transaction

  • Total paid in to date – Total payments and fees minus withdrawals paid as of the report date. Distributions are not included

  • Paid in plus earnings to date – total paid in to date plus distributed earnings. This figure is the member’s tax basis for in the club

  • Units purchased – number of units associated with the transaction

  • Total units - total units to the date of each transaction