Member Information Listing

The Member Information Listing shows member information for one or more selected members. Use this report to provide address and identification information to the members. Print as needed. Use Reports > Member Information Listing to display the report parameter page.

Due to the personal nature of the information available on this report, it is restricted to members who have accounting privileges.

Member Information Listing Report Options

Use the “Show member information” box to select the members included in the report. You can select “Current members” or “Former members” from the scrolling list, or you can select specific members.

To select multiple members, click the first member then press the Shift key and click the last member to be included, if the names are contiguous on the list. To select multiple members whose names are not contiguous, click the first name, hold the CTRL key down and click each additional name to be included.

Asterisks (*) mark the names of inactive members. Inactive members appear after all active members.

Member Information Listing Report Description

The report displays the name, address, email address and telephone numbers for the selected members. The report also indicates whether a member is active or not.