Portfolio Trend Report

The Portfolio Trend report is designed to analyze the trend of the operations of the companies in the portfolio over two consecutive quarters relative to earnings, sales, and pre-tax profit in order to view the “trend of the trends.”

Portfolio Trend Description

The Portfolio Trend is divided up into several sections

  • Ticker, Company, Size: The ticker symbol, company name, and company size (based on revenue)

% Annual Change for Latest & Previous Quarters

  • Quarterly Sales, Quarterly Pre-Tax Profit, Quarterly EPS and Trailing 12 Months (TTM) EPS: These show two consecutive quarters of data, along with the percent change from the same periods in the previous year


  • % ACE EPS Growth: The estimated Earnings Per Share growth, taken from Morningstar. If Morningstar does not provide a figure, the EPS growth is calculated by our Take Stock tool on the StockCentral web site. If either the number from Morningstar, or our own calculation is less than or equal to 0, the report will show N/A.
  • # of Shares: The number of shares of the stock currently held by the club.
  • Current Price, Price Date, Total Value: The current price, as of the latest valuation, The date of that valuation, and the value of the stock, as of that valuation.
  • % of Portfolio: The percent of total value of the security to the total market value of the portfolio.