Security Dividends Report

The security dividends report shows each stock dividend paid during the time specified (generally the year to date). This includes both cash and reinvested dividends, but does not include dividends entered under Accounting > Cash Accounts. For cash dividends not connected to securities we suggest the Transaction Summary report.

Security Dividends Options

You can specify the starting and ending date for the report, and you can specify the securities included in the report. The options are available the box labeled “Show transactions.”

Enter the starting and ending dates for the report in the “from” and “to” boxes.

To the right of the from and to section is a listing of the club stocks, as well as two options for selecting all Active Securities, or all Inactive Securities. The default is to display all active securities. Click to select Inactive Securities, or scroll through the list of stocks to select a specific one, and then click Submit to refresh the report.

The list of securities will also let you select multiple securities. To do this, hold down the CTRL key as you click on individual entries in the list. Alternatively, you can hold down the “Shift” key to select a contiguous group of entries.

Click “Submit” to generate the report with the new selections.

Security Dividends Description

The security dividends report has six columns, showing the following information:

  • Date Paid / Ex-dividend date: The first two columns show the date the dividend was paid, and the ex-dividend date that was entered.
  • Security: The name of the company that issued the dividend
  • Qualifying Amount / Non-Qualifying Amount: This shows the amount of the dividend, and if that amount was qualified for a lower tax rate or not. In most cases a dividend will be either entirely qualified or non-qualified, but if the club has sold part of its holding in a security during the year, then a dividend may be split between qualified and non-qualified. For more on what makes a dividend qualified or not, please read How can I tell if a dividend should be qualified or not.
  • Remarks: This shows any remarks that were entered along with the dividend.