Stock Watcher Assignments

The StockWatcher assignments page allows a treasurer or other officer to select active club members as ‘StockWatchers’ for the various stocks that the club currently owns. Any member that has made at least one Member Deposit, and has at least some fraction of a unit in the club, can be assigned as a stock watcher. The StockWatcher Assignments report is intended to be printed out to allow club members to be kept up to date with which member(s) are assigned to keep track of, and report back on the performance of which stock(s).

StockWatcher Assignments Options

The StockWatcher Assignments page shows all of the club’s currently held securities, and assigned securities.

The three columns of this report are:

  • Security, showing the name and ticker symbol as it appears in Accounting > Securities > Security Settings.
  • Assigned To, showing the member that the security is assigned to. Members can be assigned to multiple securities, but each security can only be assigned to one member at a time. Also, since not every security needs to be assigned to a member, you might see --Not Assigned-- in the drop-down menu if the club does not feel the need to have a member assigned to a particular stock.
  • Last Generated, showing the last time a myICLUB StockWatcher report was generated. This does not keep track of the Stock Studies used in the portfolio reports.

If you want to see the last time the underlying stock studies were updated, check Reports > My Assigned Stocks, for your own information, or Reports > Portfolio Summary, for a listing of all members and their stock study dates.

NOTE: Selling a security does not automatically remove it from the StockWatcher Assignments page; as long as a member is assigned to a stock, it will continue to show up on this page. In order to remove a sold off security, simply use the drop-down menu to change the name to –Not Assigned-, and then click the Submit button.