Club Assets Chart

The club assets chart shows the division of the club’s holdings by cash value as of a selected valuation date.

Club Assets Chart Options

The Club Assets Chart allows you to select from the club’s official valuation dates (created by going to Accounting > Securities > Create new valuation), as well as displaying the information as either a Pie or Bar chart.

Club Assets Chart Description

After clicking the link for the club assets chart from the main reports page, displays the club assets as of the most recent saved valuation. The system defaults to a pie-chart style graph, where each holding is listed. Each holding is sized to represent its overall value in the club, and is also labeled with the name of the holding and a specific percent value, to further represent the overall value, relative to the total club holdings.

As noted previously, both the style of the graph, and the date it uses can be adjusted. It should be noted that cash accounts such as Bank and Broker are included in this graph, since they do add to the overall club value.