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Watch List Tabs/Sections


The default Fundamentals view shows general information about the securities in the Watch List, including ticker symbol, who is following the stock, the date it was added, the current price and the percent change in price since the stock was added.

If the member has set up the BI link, completed a stock study in SSGPlus, and linked to that study in myICLUB, several additional columns of information will fill in.

SSG Date - This shows when the SSG was last modified

As well, the following information is taken directly from the completed stock study: Curr PE (Current PE), Tot Ret (Total Return), Rel Val (Relative Value), U/D (Upside/Downside), Buy Below, Rec (Recommendation)


In addition to Symbol, Company name, and the name of the member who added the security, this view shows primarily general diversification information.

Sector, Size (based on previous 12 months of revenue), Current Yield (0.0 unless the stock pays a dividend), and Rec (recommendation). With the exception of recommendation, taken from a member stock study, the rest of this information is based on Morningstar's information about the specific company.