Add Member

Use this page to add members to your club web site.

New members who join by accepting the invitation have the following permissions:

  • Post to message boards
  • Access membership discussions
  • Upload files

Filling in an email address for a member will also automatically send an invitation email when you click OK. If you do not wish to have an invitation email sent out automatically, simply leave the Email Address field blank.

If you do leave this field blank, an invitaiton can always be sent out latter by using the Send Invitation link on the left hand side of the people page, or the individual invite online link in the Tools column to the right of each member who does not yet have a login and password set up.

The Add Members page includes an editable text box, showing some of what will appear in the email sent to the member(s) from this page. Any text you enter in this field will be sent to each member whose name and email you have added on this page. The message will also include a link to set up a login and password for the club. Shown below, is an example of what the email will look like when the member receives it.

The sections above and below the dashed lines in the message cannot be changed, but anything you have entered in the editable text box on the page, will show up in the middle of the email sent to the member(s).