Invitations Outstanding

This page shows any invitations that have been sent out, but that members have not yet used the link for.

 photo InvitesOutstanding_zpsac72b402.jpg


To the right of each member's name is their Email; if there was a typo, or if the email needs to be changed for any reason, simply click in the Email box next to the member's name, and change the email. The next column will list if the invite was for a member, or a visitor/guest.

The next column lists when the invite will expire; this means that the member has until that date to open the email invitation, and use the link to set up a login and password. Note that you do not need to wait for the invite to expire before sending a new one; if the member has accidentally deleted the invitation for example, a new one can be sent at any time.

The next two columns, Resend and Cancel allow you to either re-send multiple invitations at the same time, or simply completely cancel the invitation(s). Click to select the invitations, and then use the Resend or Cancel buttons to take the selected action.

Using the resend invitation will generate a copy of the default email invitation to the club, an example of which is shown below.