How do I start a club at and get my club online?

There are two steps involved in setting up an online club: creating your user account and creating your online club.

  • Create your username and password
      • Go to
      • Click on Sign up for a new account.
      • In the Name field, enter YOUR name (not the name of the club).
      • In the Email field, enter your email address.
      • In the Username field, enter the username you would like. Note that this username is for you and you alone, not for the rest of the club. In addition, it must be unique. Chances are names like "Fred" and "Dan" are already taken. "Fred2112" or "DanClubName" probably are open for you to use.
      • In the Password field, enter the password you would like. Keep in mind that capitalization counts. We recommend a password that is at least 8 characters long and hard to guess (not your name, dog's name, your birthday...).
      • Re-enter the password to confirm.
      • In the Security Question section, enter a question our system can automatically ask you if you lose your password. Ideally, the answer should be something only you know.
      • Read the terms of service.
      • Check the box next to Yes, I have read and I agree to the preceding terms of service and understand the privacy policy.
      • Click Sign up.

You now have a new user account! It's time to create your online club.

  • Create your web site

After you have finished creating your user account, you can create your online club. Please note that if you are creating a club for trial purposes, it will be the same club you purchase -- don't create a new club when you want to purchase a subscription!

In the Your Clubs page, you should now have a club listed, the Demo Club. This is for demonstration purposes only. You get to create your own club.

      • Click Form a new club to continue.
      • Enter your club's name and your Taxpayer ID (EIN) number. The EIN is optional and can be entered later. Note that your club name, like your user name, must be unique. Women of Worth and Profit Minders has already been taken, but Profit Minders of Schenectady (at this time) has not.
      • Click Continue
      • Follow the on-screen instructions for getting your existing data into

You're done! You have a user account and an online club. To log in for the future, just go to and enter your username and password.