Adding a new treasurer or changing treasurers in (Club Accounting Online)

Before continuing with the following information, keep in mind that the permission to make changes to the club records must ALWAYS be assigned to an active member of the club with a valid username. Without these permissions, nobody (not even ICLUB) can make changes to your Online Club.

Check these three items when setting up a new Treasurer in CAO:

1. Does the incoming Treasurer already have a login and password?
2. Will the new Treasurer have full administrator rights?
3. Will the current Treasurer be leaving the club?

First, make sure the incoming Treasurer has their own login and password.

The following steps assume that the member is already listed on the people page.
If they are not, go to PEOPLE > ADD NEW MEMBER and follow the steps there to enter the member name and email address.

1. Start on the PEOPLE page. If the member already has an email address listed to the right of their name, skip to step 4.
2. Click the EDIT PROFILE link to the right of the member name.
3. On the following page, enter an email address for the member, and click SAVE CHANGES.
4. On the People page, click the INVITE ONLINE link. (If this was done previously click RESEND INVITATION instead)
5. On the next page, click BRING ONLINE to send out the automatic invitation.
6. When the member has set up a log in and password, the People page will show a YES next to their email address, showing that they can sign in to the club.

Second, decide what permissions to give the new Treasurer.
To set rights for a member, go to the People page, and click EDIT PROFILE next to the member name.
The Profile page shows member name and contact information, as well as a series of check boxes setting rights for the member.
CAO automatically assigns all new members the following permissions:
-Post to message boards - If a club uses message boards this allows the member to post messages.
-Access membership discussions - If a club uses message boards this allows the member to read messages.
-Upload files - If a club uses the file storage area, this allows the member to post files there.

At a minimum, the following three selections must be used at least once when setting member permissions:
-Record accounting information - This covers any changes to cash or stock transactions.
-Modify club name and settings - This covers things like the club name, distribution settings, and methods of calculating stock returns.
-Invite and eject members - This covers being able to send invitations to the club, and to enter member withdrawals.
-Edit member profiles and permissions - This covers being able to update contact information as well as make changes to what rights a member has to make changes to the online club.

It is not necessary that these all be assigned to only one member, only that they are all available to a member or members who can sign in to the club

When permissions for the member are set, click SAVE CHANGES.
The member can now sign in using their own personal username and password, and make the changes you have set.

Third, plan ahead for the next Treasurer.

When planning for the future, keep in mind that the current Treasurer will step down some day:
The club needs to decide if it allow a former Treasurer to retain their rights
-If so, make no changes to their record.
-If not, return to the PEOPLE page and remove the permissions that allow them to make changes after they step down.