Can I use ICLUBcentral programs, sites or services on a Mac, or iPad?

ICLUBcentral's downloadable programs such as Toolkit 6 are available only for Windows. ICLUBcentral does not make Macintosh versions of these software programs. We do offer online tools for club accounting at (, and a suite of online tools for stock screening and analysis at (

Other options available to Mac users for analyzing stocks include the following:

Use Take Stock and the built in basic stock screener at, ICLUBcentral's online tool for stock research and analysis that allows users to display a completed Stock Selection Guide.

Use the full-featured Stock Screener at for in-depth stock screening.

Use BetterInvesting's Online Stock Selection Guide program ( (A free demo is available.)

Alternately, there are options that would let you run our software on your Mac:

You could install a Windows emulator program on your Mac, such as Parallels Desktop (
Please note that ICLUBcentral Technical Support is not able to answer questions regarding the use of emulator programs with Toolkit 6.

You could also run Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp ( This does require acquiring a licensed version of Microsoft Windows, and you would have to switch between the Windows and Mac environments each time you wanted to use our software. To determine if your Mac will support Boot Camp, follow these steps:
With no other programs open on the computer, click on the Apple menu (shaped like a small apple) in the upper left-corner of the screen.
In the menu, select 'About this Mac'.
The window that opens up will show information about the computer, including the version of the Macintosh operating system, the amount of RAM installed, and the type of processor. The processor name has to include the word Intel in the name; if it does not, then the best option will be to use one of the other above options.