What's covered in the data feed. Also, What stocks does the data feed track. Also, what's tracked?

Coverage includes:
All public actively trading equities on the US NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, ARCA exchanges
All public actively trading equities on the Canadian Toronto Stock Exchange and Venture Stock Exchange

To explain further: The term ‘equities’ excludes closed end funds and some trusts trading on the Canadian stock exchanges.
‘Actively trading’ means ‘not de-listed’. Sometimes companies (especially on the Canadian exchanges) only trade 1x per week or month but are still considered active.

Some other requirements:
- Must have a ticker (not just a CUSIP, SEDOL code, etc.)
- Has an identified country
- Is common stock – not preferred stock
- Has a valid fiscal year end month and year
- Has any annual (12 month) revenue data reported

Notably, we don’t cover stocks trading OTC (also sometimes called Pink Sheet stocks).