AT&T (T) and DirecTV (DTV) merger

AT&T completed its merger with DirecTV 7/24/2015 for cash and AT&T stock.

The SEC filing for this merger (S-4/A filing of 8/19/2014) was origianlly posted in the Investor Relations area of the AT&T web site.


This merger is a cash-plus-stock reorganization. All the information below is from the information available from the S-4/A filed with the SEC.

This transaction can be entered in the online accounting using the Merger with cash transaction available by going to Accounting > Securities > Merger with cash.

The details of the transaction in are as follows:

  • Date: 7/24/2015
  • Merging Company: DirecTV (DTV)
  • Number of Daughter companies: 1
  • Price Per Share of DTV: Use the last valuation price
  • Taxable Status: Transaction is taxable to a maximum of the cash received.
  • Cash per share received: 28.50 The number entered here will automatically fill in the Cash received (not counting fractional shares): field. If the cash amount is not correct, adjust the Cash per share until it is.
  • Exchange ratio of new to old shares: 1.892 to 1
  • Price per share of new shares: 34.29 (Closing price on 7/24/15)
  • Reorganization Fee: Enter any re-organization fee the broker charged, otherwise leave blank.
  • Symbol of new company: T
  • Shares received: Filled in automatically.
  • Cash received: leave blank, unless the broker showed cash for fractional shares.
  • Account: Change to whichever account the extra money was deposited to