Sold stock appears as active (security still shows 0.000001 shares after sale)

In most cases, a fractional part of a security showing up after a sale is related to a Dividend Reinvestment Plan, in which the club buys small fractions of a share over long periods of time.

On its own this sort of transaction can be useful; when that same company goes through splits, issues dividends, spins off other companies, or is acquired as part of a merger, there comes a time when the program must round a fractional share either up or down. In almost all cases, this is done very well. However, in the case of a full sale where very early entries are often counted, we do sometimes see some extra small fraction of a share left over.

The first step is to delete the final sale and re-enter it. It should re-enter with no issues. For steps on finding, and then editing or deleting a transaction, please see FAQ 1476 on our site at: .

If this fails, it may be necessary to track down the original cause and re-enter the split or other transaction that caused the extra fraction:

1. Print out a Security Transactions History Report for the life of the security in question. Look for transactions that are on the same day. If you find anything like a Buy and a Dividend on the same day, change the date of the Dividend to the day after (providing there are no other Buy transactions the day after). Dividends on the same date are OK. You will also want to look for transactions on 12/31. If you find any on 12/31, change the date to 12/30.

2. Delete and re-enter any Split Transactions. (When you re-enter the Split, make sure the ratio consists of whole numbers to avoid fractional shares.)

3. Then delete and re-enter Sell Transactions.