Current members do not show up on the Member Status Report

In the cases of current members not showing up on the member status report, we have found a few common causes:

If the member only has one transaction entered, and it is a Member Fee transaction.
Member Fee transactions do not buy units in the club; in order for a member to show up, they must have at least one regular Member Deposit transaction.

If the member joined recently, there might not be a Member status report dated after their initial deposit.
The club accounting system assumes Valuations entered on a regular basis (usually monthly). These Valuation reports also create a companion Member Status report, that shows member totals up to the report date.
If a Valuation has not been created since the member joined the club, creating a new one at least one day after their deposit, will get them to show up on the Member Status report as well

For members that have been with the club for more than a few months, the most common reason is that the club has had a large expense that was marked as equally allocated.
Equally allocated expenses subtract units; if the expense is large enough, a newer member might end up with negative units. In that case, we suggest that the club consider changing the most recent large expense to be allocated by ownership (not equal allocation).

For steps on finding and editing transactions in the accounting system, please see FAQ 476 at: