Member appears twice on the PEOPLE page. (Duplicate member)

1. To fix a duplicate member, first determine which of the duplicates is linked to the member's login username. To determine this look at the People page. Have the member log in, or if yourself, just go to the People page.

Members with Online IDs will have two links to the right of their names: "edit profile" and "withdraw"

Members who are not online will have three links to the right: "invite online/resend invitation", "edit profile", and "withdraw"

2. Make a note of each person who has two or more IDs. Edit the profiles and add the number 1 to the ON LINE ID, then 2, 3, etc as needed to any OFFLINE IDs.

3. Go to Reports > Valuation Units Ledger and compare the histories of all IDs for the same person. Make sure all member transaction history is on LOGIN ID Number 1 (the ONLINE ID). Double-check by setting the start date of the reports to the start date of the club.
If all the transaction history is attached to LOGIN ID Number 1, go to Step 7. Otherwise, go to Step 4.

4. Now go to Accounting > Utilities > Transfer Member Transactions. Select Any of the profiles number 2, 3, etc to transfer FROM and select LOGIN ID Number 1 and the profile to transfer TO. Repeat for all profiles for the same person.

5. Go back to the Valuation Units Ledger to confirm that all transaction history is attached to the ONLINE ID. If not, repeat the transfer as needed.

6. Repeat as needed for every member where there are two or more profiles.

7. Now you have all your member data transferred to the Online User IDs, go back to the PEOPLE screen.

8. For every profile with a number 2, 3, or higher attached to the name, click the Withdrawal link next to the name. This will remove the profiles from the club without triggering withdrawals.