Inactive member cannot be found for withdrawal payment

If you have a non-participating member you would like to withdraw but you have been unable to contact, there are a few things we can suggest.

First, write a letter to this member stating the club is invoking the section of the partnership for withdrawing a member for non-participation. Check your partnership agreement to confirm the procedure and follow it. In the letter, ask for instructions on where to mail the check. Send the letter to the last known address of this member. Consider sending it Certified mail-return receipt or even registered mail-return receipt so you will know if it was delivered.

If you get a response, enter the withdrawal and send the check to the address indicated in the reply to your letter. Make the check out to the member. Do not make it out to any one else unless you see a guardianship order or other legal indication of guardianship. Even then you may still want make the check out to the withdrawing member and let the guardian deal with any complications. In the sad instance that you receive a reply from family or an executor of the estate that the member is deceased, withdraw the member, make the check out to the member or to the Estate of Member. Do not make the check out to an heir as you will not know if this actually meets the conditions of a will or other last request documents.

If you receive no response to your letter, we suggest to check your state's unclaimed property laws. You may need to make multiple tries to contact the member. After fulfilling these requirements you may be required to withdraw the member and send a check to your state's department for unclaimed property. In some states this is part of the Secretary of State's office. You may be required to send a notice to the last known address that the property is being sent to the state. The member or other representative would then deal with the state to have the property returned.