What is the Agenda Page?

The Agenda page lists 180 days worth of calendar events. Similar to the main Calendar page, the Agenda defaults to showing three types of events:

  1. Club (entered by the club, such as monthly club and committee meetings).
  2. Portfolio (generated by the club’s holdings, such as ex-dividend and dividend payment dates).
  3. Global (events entered by staff, such as ICLUB and BI webinars and national events).

These events can be shown or hidden, using the check-boxes across the top of the calendar.

To the left of the Club, Portfolio, and Global check-boxes, are the range of dates the Agenda is currently showing. You can click the forward or backwards arrows to show events for different dates.

Lastly across the top, there is a PDF button. Similar to the other report pages on myICLUB.com , clicking this PDF button will generate a PDF copy of the Agenda.

In the left-hand navigation area, you will see options for View, Edit, Add, Agenda, and Export Calendar. In brief, these sections allow the following actions:

  • View - This allows you to return to the main Calendar View from any other section of the Calendar page.
  • Edit - This allows you to edit any Calendar Event that you have entered.
  • Add - This allows you to add new events to your calendar.
  • Agenda - This allows you to view calendar events in an ordered list.
  • Export Calendar - This allows you to export a copy of your club calendar as a file that other calendar programs can read.