What is the Export Calendar Page?

 This page allows you to export your club calendar in two different formats, which can be used by sites and programs such as Google Calendar, and Outlook.

If you are downloading a .ICS file, and are not sure where it is on the computer, please take a look at FAQ 186(https://www.iclub.com/faq/Home/Article?id=186), on finding files after downloading.

Due to the number of different programs available, and the frequency with which web pased services change their layout and processes, we do not publish specific steps on how to add/import calendar files into other programs or services. Most sites and services will have bulit in Help pages on how to add/import new calendars; we strongly suggest to check the Help pages or information for your site or program, for information on how to add/import a new calendar.


In the left-hand navigation area, you will see options for View, Edit, Add, Agenda, and Export Calendar. In brief, these sections allow the following actions:

  • View - This allows you to return to the main Calendar View from any other section of the Calendar page.
  • Edit - This allows you to edit any Calendar Event that you have entered.
  • Add - This allows you to add new events to your calendar.
  • Agenda - This allows you to view calendar events in an ordered list.
  • Export Calendar - This allows you to export a copy of your club calendar as a file that other calendar programs can read.