Monthly Report

The Monthly report consolidates versions of the Valuation, Member Status, and Complete Journal reports.

The primary difference between the versions available in the monthly report and the standalone reports is in the date range of the information shown. This FAQ page will point out the differences in the consolidated versions of the three reports. For more detailed information about the standalone versions of each report, please see their individual FAQ pages:

The general format of the Monthly report is to show information between one valuation and the next. It will always show information up to the valuation date selected in the drop-down menu near the top of the page. The start date of the information in the report will always be whichever version of the valuation came prior to the one show. If your club normally only has one valuation a month, this means the report will always show roughly one month's worth of information. If you created other valuations between one month and the next, the report will show less information.

In keeping with this format, the Start Return Calculations From drop-down menu in the monthly report will show the club's earliest valuation as the default start date, instead of the club's first transaction, available in the standard Valuation and Member Status reports.

This won't make too much difference to most clubs, as the first valuation often happens shortly after the first member deposit, but if you notice a difference in the CAR figures on the Valuation or Member Status in the Monthly report, this is most likely the reason.

The Paid In Since column on the Member status also has a relatively fixed date; it will always show the amount paid in since the previous valuation. This is different from the standard Member Status report, where the start date for contributions can be typed in manually.

The date range on the Complete Journal will be the same as the one on the Valuation; showing transactions between the current valuation report, and the one immediatley prior. The main difference here is that the standalone version of the report has the option to manually set the start and end date of the report.