Post-Meeting Wizard

The Post-meeting wizard helps step you through the most common tasks that a treasurer might need to perform after a club meeting.

The wizard steps through adding new members, entering deposits, fees, and cash or security transactions.

All of the individual steps in the wizard can also be accomplished individually through the People, Accounting and Reports pages, so if you prefer to make your entries in a different order, using the Wizard is not an absolute requirement.

As well, the Wizard can be re-run without undoing your previous work. If you get to the end of the wizard and realize you forgot to enter a Member Fee for example, you can go back through the Wizard, answering No to the parts you've already covered, and then use just the Member Fee transaction. Keep in mind that each transaction is saved as it's entered, so if you complete the Wizard and find you have the wrong number of shares or the wrong amount of cash in your club books, double-check the View/Edit Transactions pages to make sure a transaction wasn't accidentally entered twice.