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What is the Portfolio Yield report?

The Portfolio Yield report has two main sections; one for the securities that pay dividends, and one for securities that do not.

The first section breaks down into Current dividend information, Payout Ratio and information about upcoming dividends.


  • Price - The most recent closing price
  • Div - The total a shareholder would have received from the last four dividends, for holding one share of stock
  • Yield - Shows the percentage of cash received vs. the market price of the stock. It's designed to show the return earned on every dollar spent.

Payout Ratio - Shows the portion of company earnings distributed as dividends to shareholders.

Next Payable - any information in italics in this section means that the company has not made an official announcement; we are estimating based on previous hisotry and company performance.

  • Date - The payout date of the next dividend.
  • /Share - The dividend per share.
  • Total - The total the club should receive, based on the number of shares held.


As noted, the second section shows the securites the club holds, that do not issue dividends.